The Session

The word Presbyterian is derived from the Greek word presbyter which means Elder. The Presbyterian Church is ruled by Elders -- Teaching Elders are ordained ministers and Ruling Elders are men and women elected from the congregation and ordained to lead the Church in councils.

The Session is the council which governs the local congregation. The Session is composed of the Teaching Elder (or Teaching Elders) who serve the congregation and act as Moderator of the Session. Ruling Elders are elected for three year terms.

The Session at Mars Hill Presbyterian Church is composed of the interim pastor, The Rev. Dr. Crawford King III (Teaching Elder) and twelve Ruling Elders divided into three classes.

Ruling Elder Sandra Boyd serves as Clerk of Session.
Ruling ElderĀ Randy Dunlop & Daisy Dunlop (not currently on the Session) serves as Church Co-Treasurers.
Ruling Elder Jim Nelson (not currently on the Session) serves as Church Financial Secretary